Meet Our Photographers

David L. Tremblay

A self taught wildlife and nature photographer residing in Alto, New Mexico for the past twenty four years. Dave is a retired engineer who now devotes free time to hislife long passion, nature photography.  Locally he is noted for his “close-up” work with mule deer, rocky mountain elk and the many species of birds native to this sub-alpine paradise.    It is a real pleasure for him to capture rarely seen glimpses of the natural world.  He has developed the ability to illustrate the subtle, as his photographs are a study of the smallest of details and the expanses of the grandest landscapes within Southern New Mexico.

As a wildlife-nature photographer, he has created fine art note cards, inspirational posters and fine photo prints for all to enjoy.  His work has been accepted and displayed in several annual photo competitions held at the Hubbard Museum of the West.  He has also been commissioned by local developers such as Rainmakers to illustrate their properties via photo for publishing within several national magazines and avlocal newspaper.  He is very proud to have his work frequently published within the Ruidoso News for all to enjoy.

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Helen Fong

Helen Fong is a Charter Member of the Rainmakers’ community and has photographed it for the last six years, capturing its ever changing seasonal beauty.   Her award winning photography tells stories, of people, places and nature.  The New Mexican people, the colorful architecture, the wonderful natural landscape have all been the focus of her lens.    She and husband Glen Stinson spend most of the year at their home in Washington state.  They frequently travel to visit their family on a Montana ranch, family in the Silicon Valley, and other points of the compass as interest and opportunity arise. 

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